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When a funeral director is entrusted with all that is involved in arranging a funeral, you are allowing them into your lives at the most incredibly emotional and distressing time. You need to know you can trust your funeral director to make things a little easier for you at your time of need, whilst also knowing the care they are providing for your loved one, is as personal and dignified as if they were their own. We’d like to tell you a little bit about our own.


We are family team headed by Mike Oglesby, who is supported by his Father Terry, Uncle Graham and Auntie Viv. We are also from time to time, supported by trusted colleagues who we see as part of the family. Mike began serving the bereaved in Bolton just under ten years ago, before caring for those in South Manchester for a number of years. It was always the intention to return home to Bolton, but before the family started this new chapter, we had to make sure everything was just right. Having worked for both, smaller funeral business’ and larger conglomerates, Mike is best placed to provide the perfect balance of quality and choice.


It is an honour and a privilege to care for those dearly departed, and nothing comes more natural to us than caring for those that are bereaved. Please know you can trust our family to walk alongside you every step of the way. We seek to support those who allow us the privilege of caring for their loved ones.


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We've lovingly created a tranquil and homely environment, that we hope will provide comfort to you and your loved ones whilst in our care. Inspired by the delicate 'Forget-Me-Not' flower, our colour palette and choice of fabrics have been carefully chosen to give a welcoming warmth to our visitors. A soft blue throughout, blends in perfectly with a subtle hint of grey here and there.

We are keen to differentiate ourselves in many ways from most other funeral directors, and decided our logo would be the best way to do this initially. Whilst we value tradition tremendously, we really wanted our logo to speak for us and represent our philosophies and values, whilst also incorporating the qualities we felt made a good funeral director. We wanted to choose something that was comforting and distinguished. Who better than ‘Mother Nature’ herself to take inspiration from, and we are blessed to have the beautiful surroundings of Jumbles Country Park on our doorstep. We chose to go with an oak tree. To us, it is a symbol of strength and resilience, age and beauty. Whilst its foliage represents the gentle wonder of everlasting eternal life. We have incorporated figures into the tree trunk as they represent the strength of our family supporting the rest of the tree.

Our family tree, your family tree.

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